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Introducing your puppy to a crate

Your puppy is going to be spending quite a lot of time in its crate so it's important they feel it is a nice safe place to be in.

When you're first introducing your puppy to the crate the first thing you should think about it where to put it. Think about where you'd like your puppy to sleep, as it's likely that down the track they will continue to sleep in the same place, even when you're no longer using a crate at all.

If your puppy is easily distracted and craves attention you might like to put this in a low-traffic area so they learn to be alone and less attention-seeking.


You want this to be a cosy and comfortable place for your dog, so make sure you've got their favourite bedding or blanket in the crate. At first your puppy may feel a bit nervous, you can help the crate to feel more familiar to them by placing a piece of old clothing inside the crate. They will feel security from your scent.


You should have some form of entertainment in the crate - perhaps their favourite toy - but make sure it is a safe one as they are going to be spending unmonitored time in the crate.

When you're getting your puppy into the crate it is important they go in on their own accord. If you force them in and shut the door or put them in as a punishment they will start feel negative about spending time in the crate and you want it to be a safe happy place. Popping treats or a toy in the crate is a great way to get them to go in.

A great way to get your dog to go into their crate is by putting them in the room with the crate when they are sleepy, and letting them go in on their own. They may feel lonely and confined at first so the quicker they fall asleep the better. Make sure the area is quiet so they are not disturbed - the more time they spend in the crate the more used to it they will become.