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Introducing your dog to a new bed

Just because you've chosen a great bed which matches the decor in the house, is super comfy, warm, and the perfect size for your dog - doesn't mean they are going to instantly know to go curl up!

Unless they are used to getting cozy in the pillows on your bed, they probably aren't going to know what the bed is for, and dogs can often be suspicious of new things in the house.

You'll need to make sure you're both relaxed, either at their normal bed time - or just after meal time dogs are content and a bit sleepy so this is also a good time. Try to get them to get into the bed themselves. Pat your hand on it or even sit in it yourself (as long as it won't break!) to convince them it's safe. When they do hop in, make sure you pat them and give lots of praise without getting them too excited.

Puppies tend to be more accepting of a new bed as opposed to a dog who has never had a bed before, or has had the same bed its whole life. Make sure you put the new bed in exactly the same spot as the old one, of it it's your puppy's first bed, put it in their favourite sleeping spot.

If your dog isn't keen on the new bed, you can try to create familiarity and a feeling of safety by putting a shirt you've worn in the bed. They will recognise the smell and it should help them feel more at home in the bed. If you had an old bed with a blanket or a mat inside it, try putting this in the new bed to try transition them.

You can also try putting some of their toys (or even treats) into the bed to get them in, and to create familiarity. And finally, remember to prise your dog for getting into their bed! You can go give them a cuddle, or if you're really proud of them for being brave and getting into the new bed you could also give them a treat.